Download Right-click on the below link, choose "Save Link As.." and the save the script on your machine.

The AMPA algorithm is available for download a this link.


1) Unzip the downloaded package using the following command (or any other ZIP tools):


2) Grant the execution permission to the perl scripts (only for Linux and OSX users):

chmod +x
chmod +x

Usage Use the following command line in your terminal window

Save your protein sequence in a FASTA formatted file and run the following command in your shell. -in=<single-sequence-fasta-file> 

To analyse more than one sequence at a time (multi-FASTA file) use command below: -in=<single-sequence-fasta-file> 

Depencies What you need to run it on your machine


The AMPA script to be execute requires the PERL interpreter to be installed on your machine.

It is included by default in the most popular Linux distribution, and in the Apple Mac OS X. Windows users can download and install the ActivePerl interpreter.

Other modules

It is also required the following PERL modules to be installed on your machine.